Yoga Classes

YogTara Foundation continuously providing different form yoga classes. The classes are being conducted and incorporated with the traditional form of Pranayama (breathing technique), Savasan (relaxation), Dhyana (meditation) and Chanting. The classes are purely designed to build a healthy balance of flexibility, strength, agility, and poise. The classes run for duration of 75 to 120 minutes. Difference can be seen and feel after attending class with us.          More

Teachers Training

YogTara Foundation provides Teachers Training course under the guidance of well educated and highly qualified post graduate yoga teachers. We offer three courses : Beginner, Intermediate and Advance . Beginner Teachers Training Course is entry level course in which you learn the essentials of a healthy and sustainable yoga practice. These gentle yet challenging classes teach you about structural alignment and beginning pranayama. Types of asana include seated and standing poses, twists, and gentle backbends.

Yog Therapy

Yoga therapy in recent times has been instrumental in curing countless number of diseases with the help of mental or physical yogic exercises. This special kind of treatment is an integral part of the Indian yogic culture. Each and every Yogic exercise is beneficial in maintaining good health and healing diseases and has important curative values. A thorough study on each of these methods would not only create awareness but also would help you to know and practice these exercises in a better manner.

Aleternate Therapy

YogTara Foundation is integrated all the natural therapies. Sri Jyoti is the one who brought this concept to bring all therapies together to cure all kind of health related problems. The therapies which are used by YogTara are Acupressure, Su jok therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki healing, Past life regression, Naturopathy, Meditation, Acupuncture. YogTara foundation is known for its excellent services and has received many service excellence awards. We have provided services from general public to big. Sri Jyoti ( Honored with name “Sivdev”) is a blessed person with his immense knowledge and dedication. he has made this centre world famous.

Body Treatment

YogTara Foundation believes that the body is capable of healing itself, with minimal external aid. We highlight the bodys healing powers over and above invasive interventional procedures and surgerys, which in our opinion can be avoided by resorting to Natural non invasive remedies.Non medicinal treatment is a group of therapeutic disciplines like Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine etc. which are used together.

Upcoming Events

  • Admission is open for upcoming Yoga Teacher's Traning Course starting from November 10.


Yoga with prefaction, It was good experience to learn yoga as well as get cured ...

- Ajit Sharma