About Us

YogaTara Foundation

YogTara Foundation is an ambient space that was created by Sri Jyoti in 1994, where he could spread the light of yoga. The thought is to help individuals on a healthier and more peaceful path by teaching them a system of yoga and non medicinal natural therapies that fully integrates the body, mind and soul.

Sri Jyoti started as individual yoga trainer and natural therapist with having aim to bring like minded personnel together to help the community. Here the birth of YogTara Foundation takes place with the blessing of Guru Jee (Paramhansa Swamy Niranjananad Saraswati). It is a unique organization to bring all the holistic non medicinal alternative therapy together for benefit of the humanity.

YogTara Foundation provides healthy lifestyle to all health conscious individuals and improve their quality of life through Yoga Sadhana and natural therapies to stay disease free. In the present day fast moving world scenario man has little time to take care of his own health. Even for common ailments he indiscriminately resorts to drugs for quick relief least realizing their side effects. Health conscious individuals worldwide are aware about the efficacy of nature cure treatments for permanent cure.

YogTara Foundation is integrated all the natural therapies- Yoga, Naturopathy, Sujok acupuncture & acupressure, Magnetic acupressure suction therapy, Reiki healing… . Sri Jyoti is the one who brought this concept to bring all above therapies together to cure all kind of health related problem


To promotes a drugless therapies which combines ancient yogic system and other non medicinal therapies, namely, Naturopathy, Sujoke acupuncture acupressure, Magnetic acupressure suction therapy, Reiki and healing.


To establish and run a centre with world class services, which will treat patients through yoga and non medicinal therapies in a disciplined, natural, and eco-friendly ambience.


"Spreading yogic and non medicinal concepts though which households and individuals attain total health"